Titanium Wedding Rings

Best color of titanium be an option. Gray color, black, or white to distinguish from the usual type of metal used by man. Titanium is a material durable, strong and lightweight. Scratch resistant than gold and silver. It is a symbol of unending love like a circle that has no and tension set diamond titanium engagement ring.

Titanium offers superb tensile strength, hardness, and durability while being relatively lightweight. Therefore, when the aircraft grade of this metal is used for men's titanium wedding bands, it is strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily wear. When you consider how much less expensive it is than gold and platinum, it's no wonder men have gravitated to this extraordinary metal.

Besides being used to make men's titanium wedding rings, titanium is also a popular choice for fashion rings. Tension-set diamond rings, where a diamond is mounted in the open circle of a titanium band, are another excellent use of this strong jewelry metal. Titanium can also be paired with other metals, such as a gold inlay, for a unique two-toned look. Or, it can be anodized with color in electrolyte solutions and made into black titanium rings; a look that is all the rage in contemporary men's jewelry.

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