Wedding in 21st century

Marriage is primarily determined by the parents, taking into account several details. The parents decide if their son or daughter ready for marriage. Even when things move into the new world. Young people are also an opportunity to express their wishes to express its parentss. Parents ask their friends and relatives to inform them every bride or groom adjusted. In the final days of the online wedding websites play a key role in helping parents access to the large list of available brides and grooms have around the world.

The parents decide rejected by the bride or groom, depending on many factors like the game of the horoscope, marital status (economic and social), the ability to win, education, etc. There are still a number of alliances based on matching horoscopes, although everything else seems fine. In recent days, there is an additional criterion that the girl does not work after marriage, as it is to earn as much pressure, more to keep the society's expectations.

Marriage Broker (tharagar), plays a crucial role in persuading both sides to agree on expectations. Wedding locations is missing a lot about this aspect, because they donot interact with the families personally.

Once the parents decide that the alliance would be increased if the dealer agrees with the marriage of two families, the family wedding to attend. This is to get more to get to know each other, instead of focusing on the marriage. There may be circumstances where families are not following the visit itself can be satisfied. If the groom's family is happy then the next step is to visit the family married to the groom's house.

If everyone is happy then the intermediate layer is tharagar for the procedure (Nichayathartham). This is an obligation for the marriage to go view. Groom's family to bring new and Thaalee sari with flowers, fruit and coconut. There will be exchanged between the parents, an agreement for the marriage. The bride will wear the sari and new, that arrangements be made to the bride for the wedding. After everyone sits down in, a good time to be agreed for the marriage of the two families, in consultation with the Josiah (Player horoscope). Josiah is one of the most important people that can make or break the success of a marriage in this community. Since the prediction made almost the last pair will decide if they match.

After the engagement is over, the bride and groom will be allowed to speak freely to each other something. In this age of cell phones, there are systems specifically for these couples. It is not uncommon for the happy couple on to speak of the dead, to see and enjoy her freedom and her commitment.

Invitation to the Wedding is one of the main activities and the time as far as Vellala Kongu Gounder community is affected. They go an extra mile to give invitations to thousands of people personally. Navithan (Barber), are used to contribute to the invitation for those who will not be delivered in person.

Wedding ceremonies began today, clear and simple. In the simplest version, take the narrow circle of family and friends, hand in hand with the bride and groom to marry her with a temple and the much smaller amount. A reception held on the same day, to accommodate the wishes of other relatives and friends. Some people do not consider the function of marriage 3 days to produce it as historical. But the long version began to be counted in the fast moving world. Rich people do not feel that long dominated version. The event begins with the marriage of the great feast for all relatives, friends and neighbors close. Mui (gifts) vanguthal is a ceremony which took place in the last few days that will be an opportunity for supporters to gifts to help the couple will begin to give her new life. Although today one days many people say they do not want to get Mui, as more and more difficult, in turn, Mui donation, if that person fitted functions.

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